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A years worth of access directly to Mario!

His company, with a team of experts, specializes in creating the assets you need (video reels, media kits, emails, contact info, and more) and providing the advanced trainings to ensure you achieve rapid results.

It is ONLY open to 5 clients at a time to ensure high priority customer service.

Our Agency delivers "done for you" services by Mario and his team of copywriters, sales pros, editors and designers with dedicated access to Mario for a year to expedite you in getting paid brand sponsorships.

Mario Armstrong has sold over $4 million dollars in Brand Deals and teaches you his exact formula.

He is a two time Emmy Winner, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Podcast Host. He teaches Creators & Entrepreneurs how to build their brand, monetize their passions and build profitable products and businesses.

He's the Creator of Emmy-Award Winning Never Settle Show, which was only possible because sponsors paid for the production. He'll teach you how to do this for your ideas.

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We Create Your Custom Campaigns For You To Secure Sponsorship

What to pitch? We remove the guesswork. We create your campaigns, integrating your goals with key sponsorship elements that brands want to see. With our custom campaign creation service, you can efficiently pitch detailed and well-thought-out campaigns to multiple brands at once, significantly accelerating your success. Value: $5k

We Give You 30 Curated Email Leads For You To Pitch

People spend hours trying to find the right contacts. We remove that pain and pinpoint 30 brand contacts that align correctly with your objectives. You'll pitch faster and get more meetings. We'll also equip you with winning strategies and essential steps for successful pitching. Value: $5k

We Make Your Video Reel. You'll Get Meetings Faster!

To get in the door faster you need to build trust. Our innovative approach accelerates trust and gets you rapid results. Our expert team crafts engaging 90-second videos that fast-track introductions, opens doors, establishes trust with cold leads, and expedites opportunities. Instead of mundane text-based emails like others, you'll send a captivating video letter that shows your credibility, your story and why the brand needs to work with you. Value: $6k

Examples of our Video Reel Creation Work:

We Create Your Media Kit!

My team of copywriters, designers and I will create and develop your custom media kit. Media kits that are being pitched to brands need to have specific wording and aligned data that they care about! A template or a generic media kit won't do the trick. You require a tailored package that effectively communicates your value to brands. Value: $3k

In addition, The VIP All-Access Agency
also includes:

  • Mario will help sell your idea to a brand: This is called co-pitching. I can be directly involved in an important pitch of yours. Use me to help you close a deal! I'm available to participate on 1-2 sales calls. You get to choose which meeting. And, I do not require any percentage from any deal.
    Valued at: $5,000 
  • Email Pitches written for you: We tag team with you to create the EXACT email that is best for your specific business and opportunities. This is not a generic cookie-cutter email. These are custom, which is also why they work. This is uncompromising value.
    Valued at: $5,000 
  • Dedicated access to me for 6 weeks: Weekly ADVANCED workshops in a small (only 3-5 people) group session to accelerate your outcomes. Sessions are 75 minutes each and are highly-focused. I'll cover the latest brand opportunities, red flags, timely tips and custom advice for your specific situation and answer your questions.
    Valued at: $7,000
  • 1 Private 30-minute 1-on-1 call with Mario: Use this call after your 6 weeks with me for anything you need. Most clients use this for specific strategies or after hearing back from a brand and they need next steps. his is your opportunity to have 1 on 1 time with me. Use this time to get the custom advice you need!
    Valued at: $800 
  • Lifetime Access to my Course, Templates & Video Curriculum: As a VIP you also receive full lifetime access to the “Get Sponsorship Money” on-demand course and all templates. There are 6 video lessons and modules with tons of templates that accelerate brand deals. Things like copy and paste emails for your pitches, pricing templates, sample contracts to use to get your value and more...
    Valued at: $1,200  
  • Review and Critique your pitches: I will review and critique your pitches, decks, video reels, emails, media kits, images and anything else you may be using to pitch during some of our group calls and 1-on-1’s. And if you don’t have a video reel or 1 page media kit, remember my agency will create those assets for you.
    Valued at: $2,000
  • Role-playing activities: You will learn the pitch formula that will get you in the door and set you up for closing deals. During our live group calls we dedicate time to act out real-world scenarios. This is PhD level training conditions you for closing more deals, much faster. This is a premium feature and gives you the ability to simulate the process. Getting direct feedback from me to improve your approach to close larger deals with a proven formula.
    Valued at: $5,000 
  • Weekly Accountability from Mario: To help you close deals I will be giving you tasks every week and holding you accountable to getting pitch meetings. AND there's more, see below about private messaging.
    Valued at: $1,000
  • Private Messaging access to Mario: Get access to Mario for a year via the Voxer app. So, in addition to the live workshops, weekly accountability and 1 on 1 calls, I will also be exclusively available to you via the app Voxer for an entire year. This is a free app. Send me texts, voice memos, video or pics and I'll reply within 24-36 hours. Maybe you are about to send an email and want it double checked! Maybe a brand reached out and you have questions about pricing! Have an urgent question, this real-time advice is timely and very valuable.
    Valued at: $5,000 
  • Monthly Office Hours: After our 6 weeks together, I do group monthly office hours. This is free to all VIP clients and on-demand course students. This way you will always have support from me in accelerating getting brand sponsorships. Valued at: $3,000
  • Video Reel, Media Kit, 30 Email addresses, Custom campaigns and all of the above!

Total Value of Services = $58,000

Price of this exclusive agency set of services:

Only $8,874
(you will be positioned easily for $10k and up deals)

Split payment plans and financing are available

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Limited Number of Seats Available

With our agency, we can only work with no more than 5 individuals at a time to ensure that we are able to deliver all the assets we have to develop for you, high-level of support and individualized customization and direction.

We are going all in on this and as you can see, part of this experience even involves me being in pitch meetings with you as a member of your sales team!

Let’s close some partnerships for you.

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