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In this course, I will teach you the skills to secure 5-figure, 6-figure and multi-year sponsorship deals from brands - whether you are a total beginner or an experienced salesperson.

I have personally secured over $3 million in brand sponsorships, from brands like Capital One, Ford, Wix, AT&T, Zenni, Target, and more.

I am serious about your success, and getting your dream ideas funded through brand sponsorships. In this course, I'll teach you everything I know.

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Brands I've Done Deals With Include:

Need Sponsorship?
No Problem!

Brands, Agencies and PR Firms are spending money every day on 5, 6 and 7-figure sponsorship deals.

They are looking for your ideas but need them presented in a way that makes business sense to them.

I want to teach you the formula to win more deals and successfully access this source of funding for your ideas and business.

Think about it, what could you do if you had an extra $10k, $40k or $100k+?

Never Settle Show Sponsored by Wix, Capital One, and Zenni

Product Launch Event w/ Dr. Dre Sponsored by Beats by Dre

I help you overcome the biggest hurdles in getting sponsorship deals

Here are a few pain points people often experience while pursuing sponsorship deals...

Do any of these speak to you?

  • I have a small following, and don't think I can get deals
  • I don't know how to make a compelling presentation
  • I don't know what to say in person, in email, on the phone, in the DM's
  • I don't know how to price or negotiate effectively
  • I don't know the right person to pitch
  • I have a hard time closing deals & answering objections

Testimonial from Vanetta S.

With only 1k followers, and just a concept for her event, Vanetta secured a brand deal from Bacardi with Mario's technique.

In 4 Weeks or Less, I Will Teach You How to Get Sponsorship Money:

  • How to identify exactly what sponsors are looking for
  • How to position and refine your idea so it can be sponsored
  • How to pitch your ideas successfully
  • Uncover the right people to pitch
  • How to get meetings even with zero connections or a low follower count
  • What to say on the phone and what to type in the DM’s and emails
  • How to price your pitch and not leave money on the table
  • You'll build a pitch deck with the most important elements to get results
  • Create an outreach and prospecting strategy to close brand deals
  • Learn my "3 Whys" to overcome objections and turn a "No" into a "Yes"
  • The common mistakes, people make when pitching and how to avoid them
  • The secret to sending followup emails or calls that get responses
  • The right technology tools and systems for you to close more deals
  • Several worksheets and templates you can copy/paste to get you quick results
  • Access to me once a week for 8 hours total of live video group calls

Testimonial from Shark Tank's Daymond John

"I've watched Mario take his ideas from just that 'an idea' to developing his own show and building his business by selling sponsorships. Mario is the real deal, he fights for the underdog. I love his technology expertise, his marketing savvy and his ability to teach others with empathy. He's a good dude and he's also one of my highly sought after speakers for my public speakers company Shark Speakers."

- Daymond John, 2021

Who This Course is For:

  • Content creators, YouTubers, Podcasters, Social media influencers, live streamers, film-makers, newsletter writers and anyone else producing consistent content.
  • Coaches, authors, consultants, course creators, public speakers, personal brands, chefs, and many other categories.
  • Event organizers, conference planners for virtual events, summits, workshops etc..
  • Small businesses (Retail, Service-based, E-commerce, Mastermind Groups, even Food Trucks, yep I said "food trucks").

    The fact is, if you can envision yourself using or promoting a company’s products, whether online or in-person, then you’ll be able to get value and start generating revenue from this course. I'll teach YOU how to best position yourself to land deals that bring you real dollars, not in-kind sponsorship but financial deals that bring real profit $$$.

Product Demo Sponsored by Epson, Beats, Sega & iRobot

Public Speaking Live Event Sponsored by AT&T

Key Things You Will Learn:

Land the Deal - I will get you clear on what brands are looking to sponsor. You will learn how to pitch successfully to get sponsorship dollars. You will learn the buying signs, the right things to say and when to say them. We will craft killer pitches that can’t be ignored. I'll teach you how to prospect effectively and give you templates you can use to manage your contacts and follow-ups, so you never drop the ball. I’ll teach you how long to wait before following up and the right steps to move the process forward. Most importantly, and I’ve never taught this before, I’ll teach you my best hacks for how to deal with the “No’s” so you can turn them into a YES and land the deal.

Craft a Perfect Pitch - There’s a lot that goes into a perfect pitch, and I cover it all. I’ll teach you how to uncover their priorities, communicate your solutions with influence and justify their return on the investment. When you craft a pitch that solves problems you dramatically increase your value and the price of your pitch. The right pitch gives you the leverage. I’ll show how to identify the key demographic and psychographic insights about your audience that sponsors need to hear to do a deal. And finally, I’ll teach you my best technique for rapidly rolling out customized pitch decks without reinventing the wheel every time.

Identify WHO to Pitch - Getting to the right contact is critical. You need to find the right contacts to get your proposals in front of. I’ll teach you how to find the right people to pitch, how to uncover the best contact information for them and how to pitch them in way that ensures your message gets in front of them. I'll also teach you how to identify contacts that can be your advocate inside the brand. Getting to the right contact or advocate will instantly increase your ability to win more deals.

Find The Right Companies - To close more deals you have to be aligned with the brand. Many people will teach you to pitch a lot but if you are pitching the wrong companies you will be wasting time, money and not get the results you deserve. I'll teach you about true alignment! My 4-prong philosophy on alignment works. The fastest way to win more deals is to have mutual alignment. I will teach you how to properly research companies, how to identify the right alignment and how to present that alignment to the brand in a way that closes more deals.

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I’ll let you know if sponsorship is possible or not. Let's talk.

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What Can Get Sponsored

I will teach you to think outside the box and secure a wide variety of brand sponsorships.

Below is a small sample of the many things you can get sponsored:

  • Podcasts (audio or video)
  • Virtual Events
  • In-Person Events
  • Conferences
  • Instagram, IG Reels, Tweets, Facebook, TikTok videos, any social media
  • Livestreams on Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch etc...
  • Books, independent, ghost written
  • Email newsletter, Blog posts, Website
  • Non-profits
  • Group text messages
  • Coaching programs
  • Masterminds
  • YouTube channels
  • Indie-films and video creators
  • Twitch channels
  • Book Tour (virtual or physical)
  • Online courses
  • Audiobooks
  • Public speaking
  • Personal Branding
  • Product placement
  • Product sampling and demos

Testimonial from Dr. Vibe

Dr. Vibe used the Armstrong Pitch Method™ to get sponsored by Dove Men+Care!

Course Materials

  • A Downloadable Course Workbook complete with Activities to keep you on track
  • Email, DM & Cold call templates 
  • Pitch Deck Template
  • One-Sheeter Sample Template
  • Product & Tech Demos
  • List of Objections Preparation Sheet
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Sales Pitch Tracking Sheet
  • IKIGAI Brand Alignment Activity
  • Contact Tracking Sheet
  • Pitch Ready Checklist

Course Curriculum

This course provides you the blueprint to landing sponsorship money using the Armstrong Pitch Method™ to help you position yourself for success.

Module 1: Setting the Stage

This module connects you to the opportunity of sponsorship. You'll uncover all the ways you could be sponsored. What brands look for, how to use the time of year to close deals faster and you will be identifying the most important ideas you want to get sponsored. We will also do an activity called "Sell My Vision" and you'll have your perspective opened up to all the possibilities of sponsorship.

Module 2: Discover Your Sales Superpower & Start to Monetize

I'll teach you the 4 main principles you have to understand in order to get sponsorships. In addition, you'll uncover your unique selling proposition and do an activity to make this clearer. Uncovering your uniqueness helps you get in the door faster. When you are clear about your uniqueness and alignment you dramatically increase your sponsorship opportunities.

Module 3: Prep That Pitch

Pitch prep is more important than the actual pitch. In module 3 I'll teach you what to put in the pitch, how to identify the right people, the different departments that have money for sponsorships, the most common mistakes people make when preparing their pitch and I’ll teach you one of the best strategies to connect with the right decision-makers without having any connection to them at all. 

Module 4: Price Like a Boss

The number one question in sponsorship I get is, "How do I price?" I'll teach you how to maximize your revenue, properly price your value and not leave any money on the table. So many people guess at what the price should be or they make one of the biggest mistakes and look at setting the pricing based off of covering costs or off of 3 tiers, both of these common pricing models are flawed.

Module 5: Pitch Perfect

Now it’s time for the actual pitch. You'll learn the Armstrong Pitch Method (APM) - a formula I designed that helps you create your pitch deck with speed and influence. I'll uncover the best strategy to use when you get objections and teach you the effective way to followup to help close the deal.

Module 6: Key Success Factors

Now that you've completed the process, in this module, we'll cover the 5 key success strategies to maximize your efforts with sponsorship partnerships. You'll also learn the critical elements that need to be in a contract between you and the brand. And I'll show you how to develop fulfillment reports. Brands will ask for them and they can be useful in renewing or extending a contract.


"Office Hour"

Live Video Call with Mario

1 Hour Total

You will not be alone on this journey. I will be with you a one-hour live group call on Monday, December 13th to answer your specific questions and giving you customized advice!

It's my way of giving increased support for your success.

Pop Up Event at Union Station in Washington, DC, Sponsored by Capital One

Social Media Influencer Partnership Sponsored by Target

Hi, I'm Mario Armstrong!

...and I’ve Secured Over $3 Million in Brand Sponsorship Deals!

I’ve personally pitched and secured dozens of brand sponsorship deals totalling over $3 million with some of the largest companies in the world, including Capital One, Wix, Facebook, Ford, Intel, Target, Beats by Dre, FedEx Office, and Zenni.

I’ve grown two companies based solely off of sponsorship. I’m talking about every idea, every project, every event, and countless podcast episodes, social media posts and online videos—each and every time, I got sponsorship money to not just cover my costs, but to turn a significant profit.

I’m also the host, creator and executive producer of my own show, the Never Settle Show, which in less than two years I took from an idea to a full production that’s shot in front of a live studio audience in New York City, funded 100% by brand sponsorship. The show has been successful, too, with two Emmy Award nominations and one Emmy win!

When I’m not securing sponsorship or hosting my own show, you might catch me on NBC’s TODAY Show, CNN, and NPR. I’ve also done appearances on shows like Inside Edition, Dr. Oz and more.

While my background is in sales, and my career in media and entrepreneurship, my passion is helping people win.

I focus on positivity and advice to inspire people to take action on their dreams and passions.

Sponsorship Can Change Your Life
(I should know—it changed mine!)

In the first year after founding our company, a major deal with a Fortune 500 company fell through at the last possible moment—we’d signed the contract they sent over, but when we returned it for their signature they ghosted us.

Everything changed...

Three months after that, the 2008 recession hit. Before we knew it we were flat broke—we ran out of savings, we’d depleted the 401k, and each month we were facing larger and larger credit card debt in order to survive. I was married to my CEO and we had to care for our 3-year-old son. Things have never been scarier for us.

My mother-in-law was buying our groceries, and I was digging for change to put in a coinstar machine to get cash for gas money and to try and make some appointments happen. We were drowning, exhausted and frustrated.

What got us back on our feet? Sponsorship deals.

In 2010, after pitching several companies, I sold a major, 6-figure, multi-year deal with AT&T to produce sponsored blog posts, videos and newsletters designed to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses take advantage of the technology.

In 2011, I sold a spokesperson and public speaking sponsorship deal to Intel and to Sony for their booths at CES, the world’s largest tech convention. Those deals began a whole new mind-shift, formula and approach to how our company would sustain and grow.

Here and now...

Fast forward and I’ve sold dozens of sponsor contracts to some of the biggest companies in the world, including AT&T, Wix, Capital One, Facebook, Ford, Intel, Target, Beats by Dre, FedEx Office, Epos, Sony, Zenni and more.

Why this course...

I'm teaching this course because I honestly want you to win. I see too many people not being able to deliver their ideas. When I first started, there was no course to learn how to get brand sponsorship. I spent years refining my technique, pitching hundreds of companies to fund my ideas and I created The Armstrong Pitch Method (APM) - a formula I developed from my direct experience of selling sponsorships and closing deals. I'm going to teach you everything I know, because I want you to have a more direct path to success.

"Office Hour"

Live Video Call with Mario

1 Hour Total

You will not be alone on this journey. I will be with you a one-hour live group call on Monday, December 13th to answer your specific questions and giving you customized advice!

It's my way of giving increased support for your success.

How Does this Course Work?

You take the course on-demand

All of the lessons in this course are pre-recorded. The second you buy the course, you immediately gain full access to all 6 modules, the course workbook, the downloadable swipe files, and all of the templates and activities included.

There is no start date

You can start taking the course whenever you want, and work through the material at your own pace. But, on Monday, December 13th you'll have access to me for an hour to ask any questions and get any help you need!


"This quite possibly is the best investment I've ever made personally and professionally. And Mario didn't pay me to say that! I just genuinely mean that because of the immense value I was able to get by being a member of this class"

-Jamil Crews, Owner, Crews Control Media

"One of the biggest things I’ve learned from Mario is that the best sponsorships I can land are the most genuine ones. I’ve recently gained a relationship with a brand that I thought was WAY beyond my reach. Mario taught me very valuable lessons and strategies on how to be myself and create alignment with brands that I’m genuinely passionate about. I chose to be myself and the brand saw the gold in me and the connection has been authentic. I’ve now been given the chance to make an income purely by supporting a brand I genuinely believe in."

-Sarah, Entrepreneur in Australia

"To say that Mario's coaching around sponsorship has had a positive impact on how I run my business would be an understatement bordering on criminally remiss. He provides a complete and total mind shift into the psychology of sponsors and how to position yourself for success in a mutually beneficial business relationship. I recommend it enthusiastically!"

- T. Adeola, Marketer

"The way Mario taught me how to get alignment with a sponsor was so important. I’m an author & I want sponsorships for book sales, a book tour and for public speaking opportunities. I was able to align my goals with an organization who also has an impactful mission. I used Mario's 3 Asks strategy to make my pitch and ended up getting a check. Mario’s advice on how to not just be solely focused on National brands but how to also access local companies and organizations for sponsorship was the sweet spot for me"

- Anji, Author in New York


Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Refunds are processed to the same payment method used at the time of purchase.

How and when will the "Office Hour" live session happen?

Once you've registered you will see the schedule in your course materials section. The December 13th session will be recorded, and you'll have access to the replay. We will meet over Zoom and we will have a system to get your questions in advance so I can prep answers and get through questions efficiently. This also means if you can't attend this live session, you can submit a question and see it answered on the replay later.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, and we'd love to hear from you. If you would like to discuss being a potential affiliate partner for the course, please fill out this form:

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How long will I have access?

We offer lifetime access to this course. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you'd like on all devices you own. Even though I prefer you take the course on your desktop or laptop, an app is also available for your smartphone that is convenient as well.

When does the course start?

This course is on-demand and you will have access to every module, handout, download and swipe file from the second you purchase the course. You can work through this material at your own pace, but it typically takes students about 4 weeks to go through all of the lessons and activities.

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Quick Refresh:

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Full Course Access +

1 "Office Hour" with Mario



One Time Payment

Full Course Access +

1 "Office Hour" with Mario


Two Monthly Payments

I'm teaching you a repeatable process. If you sell just one sponsorship you will more than cover your cost and have a repeatable system.

You Deserve to Get Sponsorship Money

If you read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer this question:

If just one idea in this course brings you a sponsorship deal, would it have been worth it?